Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new tumblr

so, the post below  of me start using tumblr.but few days later, i ruined it..i messed up with the html n yeah, i dunno how to fix it..then i start to make a new one(n it still bout my min :P).n i don't dare to change the html whatsoever..duhhh..i'm so 'it blind'.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

funny thing when i'm start using tumblr, and i dun even know how to use it..

Friday, April 8, 2011

car accident..again??

was terrified when opening my facebook this evening..kyu involved in car accident? 1st thing came to my mind, again?why does it always super junior get involved in accidents?didn't mean that i hope i happen to another artists, but WHY ALWAYS SUPER JUNIOR?

but luckily it's not serious one..it bring back the memory of what happened 4 years ago..n just by thinking how the other members would response to this make me feel like crying..it must bring back the misery of 4 years ago..i hope they are more careful in future..nothing more important than ur safety..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Show 3 pt2

it's 3 weeks passed alreadizy?baru skang nk tulis fan acc??oh my, terpaksa la bila dh jd final year student ni..can't go a single day w/o doing assignment...

where shud i start?three weeks already passed, still remembered that nite?i'll try my best to recall.theheehe..ok, maybe coz it's my 2nd sushow, so i somehow can control myself..not too excited i mean..that's what i thought..
but when entering the stadium, feel like screaming..then kuar hafiz dj fly fm n sorg lg from one fm i think..my POV, they manage to lite up the mood in the stadium..but the bad point is, my throat already sakit screaming, but suju xkuar2 jgk..then when the lite was off, ok..i'm not me anymore..seriously, kwa looked shock. she never saw me like this before (i'm ala2 perempuan melayu terakhir.ekkeekke)
then when donghae show up from the top, apa lagi, scream x hengat dunia..then start sorry sorry, my most anticipated performance for ss3..motif sgt nk tgk sorry sorry coz dh tntu la ss3 ni for bonamana.
well, as always my boys never disappointed me..sorry sorry was daebak!n also super girl..aigoo..best sangat..

then masa no other me mmg excited coz i love the song sooo damn much..lebih2 lagi masing2 mmg shomell...pas2 x ingt dh lagu apa, dorang start scattered on the stage..sungmin betul2 depan mata..but still so far to reach..oh, before that, my seat was L2, row H..not really behind, n not really in front..just nice..why?

coz the stage is really awesome..i'm able to touch leeteuk hand.hahaha..they love to run around the stage n always go to my side.hahaha..but didn't manage to shake hand with kyu n heechul..par did that..noooooooo..so jealous of her..seriously looking them very close, they looked so fair..very flawless skin.hahaha..but sedih coz my bias sungmin didn't go to the extend stage much..he seems like to play at the middle..people in rock pitt so lucky>__<

ok, during sungmin solo, par n kwa both laugh at me...coz i look stunned..no word or scream come from me.the very hyper me suddenly gone silent .my hands covered my mouth.why did he do that sexy dance with those girls?aaaaaaaaa*jealous much*kekeekekke..actually 1st time seeing sungmin being like that..still trying to terima hakikat my agyeo prince is now a grown man.

okay, nak recall apa lagi ekk..
didn't recall much but what i can say, most of them like to go to that extend stage at the right side where i'm sitting..n when one by one datang to that extend stage, i can only look mesmerizely..kaku semua tgk dorg btol2 dpn mata..

three hours concert x terasa langsung..if to compare with last year ss2, this one is much longer but seriously this one felt shorter..n surprisingly....i didn't lose my voice..amazing..thought i screamed more than last year..compared to last year, it takes my a week to recover my voice n also demam rindu kt dorang.thehehe..this time ok la kot coz dh dpt bertentang mata ngan dorang (last year sat at upper tier)..

now, can't wait for ss3 dvd and also their 5th jib.Super Junior fighting!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Show 3

ok..so it's one week over now..but only now got time for fan acc..semuanya gara2 list y ditulis kt entry bawah x disempurnakan.hahahaha..bersekang mata nk siapkan semua..coz, bila belek2 due date, semuanya by this week..mmg karam la ak..

so, how to begin ek?
ok, we (me, par, and k.wa) arrived at stadium around 12.30.first thing me buat, look around searching for missjoo n mulan from cari forum to collect some stuff from them. kiri kanan kiri kanan, still can't see jejak2 dorang..then me tried to call missjoo n mulan, but still xleh..n fortunately, missjoo reply my sms. found her near the entrance. got tee n litestick for me n also kwa..par still using the last year ss2 litestick. me buy a new one.thehehe..

we wander around the stadium coz it still early, but then our stomach singing, screaming calling for food..luckily we already bring food from hostel, just need to buy drink.buy 3 glass of drink n surprisingly, it's RM2 each..mahal wei..now, hv to look for a good place untuk melantak..the upstairs of the left side of the stad is empty, so we decide to go there..n that's it..we spend the whole evening till the gate open at the stairs. hahaha..then, time for solat zuhur n asar..since it's raining that evening, par n k.wa use the rain drops to berwuduk..me dh bantai gelak..(me?i'm tgh sakit pompuan.kikik)

so, it's time to masuk stadium..camera me letak dlm ank tudung, mineral water (a must, by hook or by crook, must bring into stad) bungkus dlm telekung solat(same strategy as last year.theheehe), payung sorok lam baju..n luckily pass the guard. so dengan jayanya dapat menyeludup masuk semua barang2 terlarang iteww..

time concert will be continued...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

list to do before SS3

list to do before SS3

1. finish my media's power point for presentation next week..
2. distribute q'naires for my data collection
3. discuss bout LIP assignment..(divide the tasks need to do)

(semuanya akademik..so don't like it)

if i manage to finish them up by this weekend, then no need to worry..can hv a joyful SS3..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

maher zain live in malaysia

how nk mula ni ek..ok, it's me who menumpang tuah k.syerah..she've won a pair of maher zain live in malaysia concert ticket..since it's me who told her bout the contest, then she ajak me to go with her..

during concert, ada la juga 2,3 kali tahan ngantuk coz cons pn start kul 9 lebih dh, of coz la mengantk.almot 12am, br kons hbs..even ada sumetimes quite boring, but overall me enjoy the show..n that nite, for the first time, maherzain sang his new song Freedom..i'm freaking love the song..n sumthing during the song that reminds me of super show 2 shining star..audience lite up their phone to create beautiful shining stars..

note:xsempat nk tulis fan acc berkajang2..thehehe..

to watch Freedom click HERE, n also HERE